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This website was created for a Capstone class at Jackson Hole High School. During this Capstone class each student was able to focus on a field of study that they are interested in and have a possible future in that field. This study was focused on the animal abandonment in the United States and how causes of abandonment changes in different cultures and setting in the country. 



The purpose of this website is to create a site that serves as a spot for people in Teton County to visit when wondering what to do when they are thinking of adoption, having problems with their animal, and/or feeling overwhelmed as an owner of an animal. The goal of this website is to give enough information and resources to our community in one spot to avoid possible abandonment of an animal.



With this website, the vision is to bring all the organizations and groups in Teton County that focuses on animals into one spot. This will make it easily accessible for people in the community to see all the possible resources available through each step in the animal ownership process. 

Picture Credits

Helena Hermosillo

Insta: @jacksonholedogs


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