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Having Problems with your Animal

"Around 3.9 million dogs are abandoned or given up to shelters each year"-The Zebra. Most of these abandonments are due to a problem that the owner faces with their dog. To avoid this process, view each of these sections and carefully follow step. If you are still facing problems with your animal, find an expert in this field to talk to.


Health Problems

The most common dog health issues include, but not limited to: ear infections, parasites, fleas, skin allergies, vomiting, diarrhea, and arthritis.​​

Most common dog health problems and home remedies to help

Help in Teton County for further questions and help

Behavior Problems

The most common behavioral problems for dogs include "aggression, fear reactions, inappropriate elimination, vocalization, altered facial expression, altered posture, restlessness, and hiding"-PubMed Central. Consider training or view local organizations for further questions or help


Loss of House/Income

"40 percent of low-income pet owners surrendering an animal to a shelter said they would have kept their pet if they’d had access to affordable vet care, and 30 percent said the same if they could have gotten free or low-cost pet food"-Linda Lombardi. In order to avoid abandonment because of limited knowledge of help, check out all the organizations across Teton County that offer low or no pay resources for your dog

Major Life Changes

"What happens to pets when owners die depends on whether or not the owner made some kind of plans for their pets. If not, the pets often end up at animal control"-Rehome. Whether it's moving, death, or any other life changes, it is important to be aware of plans for your animal.

This could include:

  • Finding a relative or friend who take in your dog

  • Using Rehome

  • Talking to a professional in the animal field to understand what other steps should be taken to ensure a safe home for your dog

Moving Boxes

Still Having Problems?

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