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Homestead Hound

Homestead Hound's "core belief is that dogs require the socialization, enrichment, and stimulation only found within a pack environment"-Homestead Hound. This organization offers daycare, boarding, training and activities to connect your dog with other dogs.

Jackson Power Hounds

"At Jackson Powder Hounds we empower you with the knowledge you need to be your own dog trainer. We offer you support through the ups and downs of learning how to train your dog"-Jackson Power Hounds. Power Hounds offers consultations, private sessions with or without the owners and pack walks​.


Star Dog Training

*Star Dog Training is not out of Teton County anymore and would be virtual training*. Star Dog Training focuses solely on training. They offer many different forms of training. "We offer Group Classes, In-Person Private Sessions, and Virtual Private Sessions for your convenience!"-Star Dog Training

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